Established in 1995 with an Act of Bourgas Minicipality and Ministry of Education of Bulgaria.
The purpose of the new millennium is to know, to live together, to work in a team.
CSPD – Bourgas is an external service structure of the educational system, with a specific function in the process of education and bringing up of children aged 6 to 19.
The management of the complex is entrusted to specialists, artists and teachers, who apply the municipality’s and governmental policy of children’s engagement outside school.

The child’s personality is at the center of all the initiatives, realized at the Institution/CSPD/, which is governed by a Director and Pedagogical council. In CSPD – Bourgas exist five

*foreign education
*scientific – ecology and IT
*”Orthodox Christian traditions and values”
*sport and technical sports
*project and career orientation

In these sections children can develop their interests, in various and different forms, which correspond actual necessities of the market economics.
The CSPD works for equal start and tolerance for all the children from the town of Bourgas, despite of their social status and ethnical status.
CSPD is organizing : municipal, national, contests, competitions, exhibitions, as well as: international festivals, competitions, plenars, and festivals and exhibitions with an international
participation, etc. It is a host of many national appearances.

Through our pedagogical activities, we enable students to:
• to develop social abilities and necessities,
• to enrich their knowledge and interests,
• to attend yearly the activities of the proposed sections.

In our Center/CSPD/, children and students investigate the truths of the world, and find their own place, possibilities to be European citizens.
CSPD – Bourgas gives opportunity of the students to participate in multiple European projects and activities, the calendar plan of which, is presented at the beginning of the school
The activities of CSPD’s - Bourgas is directed to giving sense of the free time of the children, of stimulating the artistic potential of the students, to their complete physical, psycho and
social wellness. This is entangled with qualified education, by use of new innovation forms and methods of work.
An important part of CSPD’s – Bourgas activity, is connected with the motto “ I know and succeed “.
In CSPD any child could find its place, develop social activities, enrich knowledge, acquire technical skills.
In our organization work at: full time 39 pedagogical /29/ and non-pedagogical /10/ personnel. We teach 6 871 children of age from 5 to 20.

Our teaching activities cover : “ Arts”, Fine arts”, “Science, techniques and technologies”, “Orthodox Christian traditions and values”, Sports”.

In section “Arts”, we have the following schools:
2.Fine arts for children age 3 to 11.
3.Fine arts, painting comics and illustrations, iconography.
4Fine arts for children age 11 to 18.
5.Theatrical school.
6.Photography club.
7.Folklore choir “Trepetlika” and SFF “Shareni Gaitani”.
8.Child’s folklore dance assembly “Radost”.

Section “Science, techniques and technologies”, includes:
1. Career orientation center.
2. Computer modifying for students III-VIII grade.
3. English language for children age 5 to 7.
4. English language for children from I to II grade
5. Russian language for students from I – IV grade.
6. Bulgarian language for 7 grade.

Section “Orthodox Christian traditions and values”.
Club “Orthodox Christian traditions and values”.

Section Sport includes :
1. Yoga for children.
2. Rocket modeling.
3. Healing physical activities.
4. Volleyball.

Contests – Arts activities ( fine arts, applied arts, photography, Christian religion, artistic word/citing, poetry, …..etc.

Organizing of Summer Schools:
Summer School for students age 7 to 11.
Summer IT academy
Summer Language school

What are the activities and experience of the organisation in the areas relevant for this project? What are the skills and/or expertise of key persons involved in this project?
The realization of the young people nowadays depends mainly on the knowledge of foreign languages. That is why, in 2015 Bourgas Municipality initiated, tax free, early aged foreign
language education, in kindergarten and preparatory school groups (age 5-7). This program became reality, due to the organization skills of the team and the guidance of the
organization - Municipality’s Child’s Complex – Bourgas, which in 2016, was renamed to Center for Support of Personal Development (CSPD), as is its name nowadays.
The organization, planning and realization, required efforts in several aspects: support and assistance by the kindergarten’s headmasters, training of the teachers, work with the
parents; multiple activities with the children within the frame of the program. This resulted in the establishment of a new pedagogical form, in “ Scientifical- cognitive direction” – school
of English language education. The appliances were supplied from Bourgas Municipality.
The number the English teachers was 42.
In the school year 2016/2017 , in the program were included the students from the first grade.
In the 2018/2019 year, we have enrolled 5 300 children in the school of English language.; 3 201 from them are at age an 5 to 7, study in the kindergarten; 346 in the preparatory
groups at schools; 1 773 students, are in the 1-st grade at schools. The total number of the English language groups is 214.
The teachers teaching English are: 12 – a full time, 30 – at part time.
The program is continuously working, for already five years. In the 2019/2020 year, we have enrolled 5 300 children in the school of English language.; 3 331 from them are at age an
5 to 7, study in the kindergarten; 221 in the preparatory groups at schools; 1 748 students, are in the 1-st grade at schools. The total number of the English language groups is 214.
The teachers teaching English are: 12 – a full time, 30 – at part time.
The success of this big and ambitious project, is to a great extent, due to the choice of program system by which we work. The ambition and energy of the authors’ team, were so
convincing and inspiriting, so as the teachers be assured that, they can manage with the challenge.
For the raise of the teachers qualification, were and are held many trainings and seminars, together with the authors’ team.
“Play and Talk with Echo”, and “Talk and Write with Echo”, are innovative program systems for early age foreign language teaching, of children from pre-school and 1-st grade. They
propose a new education model of pedagogical interaction, based on the principals of communicativeness, continuity , interactivity and basic knowledge, which guarantee, the
children’s acquisition of skills to think , communicate at, discover and learn, English language.
Throughout these three years, we organized a considerable amount of events, because we believe, that the possibility to apply their knowledge and skills of English through different
forms outside the educational institution, will improve their interest and motivation for learning foreign language.
So far, we have realized four quizzes, in which participated children from 15 schools and 15 kindergartens.
The children from the English language schools, participate actively in the celebrating calendar of the educational institutions and events, organized by Bourgas municipality. From
2016 till now, The children from the preparatory groups from the schools and kindergarten, greet every year the citizens of Bourgas, at a concert “ Christmas Magic ”.
We organize Days of “ Open doors”, when the parents could convince themselves, that it isn’t “ too early for foreign language studying”, as many people claim, as they see the activity
and willingness , with which children participate in the lessons and activities.
In many educational institutions were established specialized English language studies. The specific forming of the educational background, creates an atmosphere for work and
stimulates the peripheral sensitivity of the children.
By idea of Mr. Dimitar Nikolov, mayor of Bourgas municipality, was introduced a pilot computer education for children from the IV groups of the kindergarten / 6 years/. For the
realization of this idea has been used inter active hardware technology, which includes interactive board, laptop, multimedia projector and individual tablets for the children. A program
software was worked out, for the English language systems, for preparatory kindergarten groups and 1-st grade.
We estimate the opinion of the parents, and because of this we conducted three inquiries amongst parents, whose children study English, aiming improvement of educational
process.The results show, that 90% of them approve the early aged language study of their children.
We believe, that our experience in early age foreign teaching is considerable.Through this project, we can share with our partners, our experience as a governing body, the methodical skills and abillity.